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[sticky post] The Sammichgirl Gospels- A Masterlist

This is a (mostly) master list of my fics.  Thanks to dimeliora for help in getting this posted correctly as I remain technically challenged.  I'm keeping her title, because she's awesome and says things so much better than I.

UPDATE (July 2014):
I have actually moved all my writing over to my AO3 account (sammichgirl) and you can generally find me on tumblr most of the time (sammichgirl there too) - I write shorter drabbles and ficlets on tumblr that don't make it to AO3 or back here to LJ.

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So It Begins

Title: So It Begins
Author: sammichgirl
Pairing: Jared/Jensen (RPF)
Rating: Mature audience
Words: 2709
Warnings: frottage, panty!kink, endearment!kink, first time
Disclaimer: Apparently I have nothing to do with the show or WB/CW beyond my imagination. Oh, to dream.
Summary: Jared and Jensen's first day on set. There are surprises in store for them both.

AN: Prompt from Lena (thereisnosuchthingasunicorns): Would you write a J2 first time? Meeting on set for the first season, all that clichè stuff?

Find it on AO3 here.

Love Locks

Title: Love Locks
Author: sammichgirl
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: Mature audience
Words: 2211
Warnings: wincest, (implied) weecest, lack of porns, post 9x15, HOPE FOR THE FUTURE
Disclaimer: Apparently I have nothing to do with the show or WB/CW beyond my imagination. Oh, to dream.
Winchestered locks littered the country. Tangible reminders of a love that burned hotter than the sun, a bond of devotion and loyalty to each other that had seen them both to heaven, hell and back.

AN: Inspired by the love locks found in Paris on the Pont de l'Archeveche (Love Lock Bridge)

Find it on AO3 here.

[reposted post] Spread the love

Because no matter what, we are friends and friends need to tell other friends that they are loved.


Spread some love!

And spread the word, the more love, the better!

Title: PIE (Psychotically, Irrationally, Erotically)
Author: sammichgirl
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: R
Words: 2219
Warnings: angst, depression, eating as therapy (could be seen as an eating disorder), THERE IS A HAPPY ENDING, lack of porns
Disclaimer: Apparently I have nothing to do with the show or WB/CW beyond my imagination. Oh, to dream.
So what exactly has pie come to mean to Dean? And why does Sam think cake is the same?

AN: Sarah (patchworkgirlfriend on tumblr) and I had a back and forth about Dean and pie, and what it really might have meant. She got my feels all stirred up and what started out as unrequited wincest we both couldn't bear, so we resolved it with Sam and cake. The long way around.  No beta, all my own mistakes.

Find it on AO3 here.

'Tis the season!

Welcome to insmallpackages, an all-fandom gift exchange!
Celebrate the season, spread some cheer, get something great.

We're so happy to announce insmallpackages is running another all-fandom gift exchange this year!

The concept for this community is simple.
- Make a wish, then grant someone else's wish.
- Wishes are to be small, yet meaningful.
- Granting wishes will cost nothing but a bit of happy effort & time.

Participation in this exchange is easy.
- Comment to the Wish Post with your wishes.
- Later we'll create a Grant Post. Choose wishes from the list to fulfill for someone else.
- Post to & find all gifts at the Get Post (going live Dec 6, deadline Jan 6).

There'll also be more detailed instructions in the Wish post, but here are a few quick notes:
- People can ask for up to five wishes.
- We'll do our very best to make sure all participants have at least one wish granted.
- If you make wish(es), you are agreeing to fulfill wish(es) for someone else, so please keep that in mind.

The Wish Post is open!

Symbiotic Salvation

Title: Symbiotic Salvation
Author: sammichgirl
Pairing: Dean/Sam/Ezekiel (wincest turns winzekiel?)
Rating: PG
Words: 1719
Warnings: Just a kiss
Spoilers: 9x02 Devil May Care
Disclaimer: Apparently I have nothing to do with the show or WB/CW beyond my imagination. Oh, to dream.
Summary: Sam and Ezekiel are healed. What happens next?

AN: I needed some fluff and a happy ending because my feels so far this season are off the rails, and I know unhappiness is gonna come before anything gets fixed. So I wrote myself some fix-it, because yesterday was a bad day. Please feel free to help me with a title, because yeah, I got nothing.  UPDATE:  Thanks to TheNextofKin at AO3 for the title suggestion!

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Fangirl meets Fangirl

Lucky me! 

I got to meet firesign10 yesterday while she and her family were here in my area for vacation!  She and I and her daughter had dinner and dessert while the guys caught a movie, then poked around the local mall for a bit.

She's funny as all get out, sweet, spunky - just as you'd imagine her (and if you're not friends with her or haven't read her fic, please give her a shot - you won't regret it!)

We totally laughed and talked and fangirled over other fanfiction writers, big bangs, wincest, J2, J2 sex toys - all things Supernatural related.

I mayyyyy have tried to convince her to come to Arlington for the DC con in May 2014.  She's thinking about it!  I think this brings the list of folks I talk to about 12ish that are going/likely going.  If you're anywhere near enough, you should join us, because the more the merrier and we're gonna have a BLAST!


Title: Warning: Phallic Objects Are Closer Than They Appear

Author: sammichgirl

Pairing: Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles (J2)

Rating: R

Words: 2574

Warnings: Panties kink, blow job, D/s references

Disclaimer: Apparently I have nothing to do with the show or WB/CW beyond my imagination. These people are not mine, nor is this real. Oh, to dream.

Summary: Jared has entirely too many phallic shaped objects near his face.  With an open mouth.

AN #1: Written for brotherxbond’s prompt on tumblr based off the picture of this post: http://sammichgirl.tumblr.com/post/55013715435/beaconchills-jared-jared-wh-i-think

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Make A Wish

Title: Make A Wish

Author: sammichgirl

Pairing: Sam/Dean

Rating: PG-13

Words: 3036

Warnings: Boy kissing, slightly cracky, lack of porns

Spoilers: None

Disclaimer: Apparently I have nothing to do with the show or WB/CW beyond my imagination. Oh, to dream.

Summary: It’s a Birthday Treasure Hunt!

AN #1: Happiest Birthday wishes to deansdirtybb. Celebrating you, my dear friend! I’m sorry this didn’t come out as porny as I wanted it to, but it’s schmoop and birthday fluff!

Make A Wish

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